Optimis Desking

The Joy of Creation

Optimis is about desking done right. That means good, honest design that’s geared at maximising productivity while minimising waste.
By taking design back to the basics, Optimis celebrates the simple joy of creating.

Imagine Desking

“ Imagination will take you everywhere.” - Albert Einstein

Everything starts with an idea, and a well-designed workspace can provide the perfect spur to creativity and innovation. This was the insight that inspired us to create Imagine Desking – an industry-leading platform, available in a range of options.

Catena Office Landscape

Creating flexible workspaces that cater to people and the way they work

Catena is a versatile partitioning system that can be configured and reconfigured with ease. Meaning ‘chain’ or ‘connected series’ in Italian, Catena was inspired by the need for a lightweight connective system that supports the agile workplace of the future.

Arras Bench

Work. Everywhere. Anywhere.

A workspace made for the future
Motivated by our nomadic yet socially connected lifestyle, enabled by technological advancement and inspired by our innate desire for beautiful objects, we present our irresistible take on the workspace for the future: Arras